Our ____ suddenly makes a dashing entrance!

Hi there.  Dust off that chair and have a sit.  Please.  You’re my guest and I’d like to make you comfortable while you’re here in my mind.  Don’t mind the random flashes of naked bits.  They happen every seven seconds and after twenty or so years, well, you learn to ignore it.

I’m Kyle, but you knew that.  Everything has my name on it around here.  I’ve licked most of it as well, too.  Anyone caught stealing is in for a shock.  Of course, if anyone did break in here to steal anything, I’d be obliged to give it to them.  If you can break your way into this imaginary construct I just made to introduce people to my new attempt at blogging, I’d be impressed.

This is the current place where I’ll keep myself busy talking and thinking with a keyboard under hands.  All opinions are just opinions and you will look silly if you take it all very seriously.

Usually, I’ll be talking about current events, anime, food, media, stupidity, wild theories and other craziness.  But for now, I think this welcome will do.  Relax, get comfy and if you have to leave, come back again.  I’ll leave the light in my eyes on for you.


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